Why Join a Co working Space?

Did you know that on average, 70 percent of professionals feel distracted at work? Another 16 percent admitted that they feel unfocused almost 100% of the time and are checked out of work mode by 10:30 am on Fridays. The average professional checks their email 36 times an hour. 36! And takes 16 minutes to refocus their attention after opening an email or viewing a text message, which has cost the U.S. economy close to $650 billion.

The cycle of constantly checking social media has lead to a culmination of poor productivity, low professionalism, stress and all around disengagement in the workplace.

For business owners and managers alike, the question arises of how to boost this productivity—and the answer often resides in relaxing, easy-going co-working spaces.

This is because co-working spaces are human-centered and focus on the attention span and comfortability of the worker. Members can get their business done in quiet areas or choose to interact with their colleagues. They can grab a complimentary cup of coffee, hot tea or ice water and continue on their latest project(s) with no cubicles needed.

It’s in our nature to adapt and evolve with the people in our vicinity—making it inevitable for each member to “keep up with the pack”.

And in turn, those same professionals act as motivators for workers who are still in need of a push. Co-working spaces also allow more job control, and since most spaces are open 24/7, employees can choose to put in a long workday or a short one (depending on their schedule).

Repeatedly, research has proven that co-working spaces are excellent options to promote appropriate office-working culture, create a harmonious environment and boost interpersonal relationships. According to an annual survey by Small Biz Labs, almost 62% reported a remarkable boost in their productivity and more than 90% were more confident than before. 70% felt that they were experiencing something new in their lives that lifted their entrepreneurial spirit and work mood. No wonder why people are shifting to these cafe-like offices!

Not only are co-working spaces cozy, but they also offer innumerable facilities to their members and a deep sense of association among other creatives.

They give professionals a new sense of freedom, proper work/life balance, and a go-to community. Co-working spaces can help save a great amount of money for both big and small businesses—close to 20-40% in operating costs when compared to leasing or renting an office. In fact, having a recurring place helps differentiate between “being at work” and “being at home”, something that many remote workers tend to struggle with.

The more people embrace the concept of co-working spaces, the more socially responsive and ecologically inclusive businesses become.

They provide a monumental opportunity for each member to sustain their lifestyle without breaking the bank. 

At Integrated Spaces, we encourage you to get work done in a shared workspace! Be sure to remain realistic when setting goals and prioritize your to-do list. Take breaks and use your time wisely—if you need to hit the refresh button, we are only a phone call away. Happy co-working!

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